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What If You Can Get A Better Deal On Blinds
Than … “60 % Off”?

Is This What Makes A Window Covering Project Easy?

With So Many Choices And Comparison Shopping Just A Click Away,
Here Is How We Can Help You…

Consider us because you’ll have someone on your side who have been doing blinds and other window treatments for nearly 20 years.

We give you straight facts on what works and what doesn’t work. Just a straightforward talk without messing with your time or budget.

Even though you contact us online…or by phone, we meet you face-to-face in your home or office.

And because our service is mobile, we bring real samples right to your kitchen table or business desk.

During a visit, you get to see and hold real-world products in your windows. Easily match up materials to your room décor right away.

Save time of waiting weeks for packages with skimpy samples or missing items.

Because we keep our overhead low, we can pass unbeatable value on to our customers without cutting corners on quality and features. Check us out before going to a big-box store or online for sure. It’s worth it!

And Then There Is This...

A free in-home visit helps you get rid of frustrating bargain hunting all over the place. You know the costly routine.

What do different colours and styles look like in real life instead of on a computer screen? Matching colours needs more than that.

Discover the difference of long-term value and savings with quality window coverings vs. the throw-away kind. Just like they say…”not rich enough to buy cheap things!”

And have you ever looked for a place where sales are sales and not gimmicks? Was it easy or difficult?

Here Is An Easier Way That Works Well For Time And Budget

In short, we meet you, help you choose wisely and measure the windows correctly to give you a free quote.

Placing an order is simple. We do it for you to make sure all ordering information is correct.

And…once your new blinds arrive, we deliver and install them even if you need to do something else at that time (as long as someone lets us in).

You get Limited Lifetime Warranty. That’s on materials and workmanship – worry free.

Have no time to meet us but need new blinds put up ASAP? No problem. We’ve done a good share of long-distance work without ever meeting the owner.

How? Phone-email-pictures-video…done!

What’s the catch? There’s none.

Plus one more thing…your contact information stays private. We keep your contact information secure and never share it with anyone…or use it to spam your mailbox with “offers” at a later date.
It’s used only to contact you and communicate with you.

What to do next?

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